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1. Pre-Qualifications FREEPrequalify tenants before viewings

Save time by only focusing on qualified tenants

2. Digital Applications FREE No more shuffling papers

Receive all tenant applications in one place, including credit reports, IDs, and references

3. Tenant Screening Verify your tenants' information

Our Credit Professionals help you approve the most qualified applicants

4. Automatic Rent CollectionNever chase tenants for rent again

Rent is paid by pre-authoried debit, a faster and safer way than cheques or interact transfers

5. Lease GuaranteeProtect your rental income.

When tenants miss rent payments, we automatically pay you on their behalf

6. DelinquenciesWe manage delinquent tenants

Our paralegal team will handle the eviction process at no cost to you

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Online Lease Application

Free online tool that allows tenants to apply for a lease online, helps landlords easily compare prospective tenants and generates a standard lease agreement with one click.

Online Applications

Go paper-free! Tenants can apply for your lease online. The form includes all questions and documents recommended by the Tenant and Landlord Board.

Tenant Review

Easily compare all information from prospective tenants such as credit score, income and employment side-by- side on our dashboard.

Standard Leases

Generate a standard lease agreement with one click and send to your tenant to sign online. Compliant with the Ontario ‘Residential Lease Agreement’ effective April 30 th 2018.

SingleKey Tenant Compare
SingleKey Tenant Compare

Automatic Rent Collection

Receive your rent automatically every month. Use Pre-Authorized Debit to withdraw rent from your tenants. PADs are Easier, Faster & Safer than cheques or Interac transfers.

Easy Collection

Stop chasing your tenants for rent. PADs ensure that you are always be paid on time

Electronic Fund Transfers

Get Paid directly to your bank account, you no longer have to cash cheques or ask for e-Transfers

Income Security

Explore our lease guarantee offer to secure your rent income and have complete peace of mind

Lease Guarantee

Our most popular service gives landlords complete peace of mind. When tenants miss rent payments we pay you on their behalf and if necessary, remove the tenant at no cost to you.

Tenant Screening

The best cure is prevention. Our credit professionals will thoroughly vet your prospective tenants and approve the most qualified applicants.

Lease Guarantee

Rent will always be paid on time even if a tenant is late or delinquent. We guarantee up to 12 months of missing rent payments due to tenant delinquency.

Delinquency Management

Our paralegal team will handle the eviction process at no cost to you. Meanwhile, we pay your rent on-time until the tenant has moved out.

SingleKey Notification

We work with all Canadian Banks

Customer Testimonails

When you’re overseas, have a mortgage the last thing you want to worry about is your tenant defaulting – it happened once then I discovered SingleKey!

Alice Montreal
Customer Testimonails

Everything in one place, I want my investment property to be as passive as possible SingleKey has been amazing 5-stars, everything tenant application, screening etc. one place!

Tim Toronto

Lease Guarantee

As Low As
  • Up to 12 months Rent
  • Posting of Rental Notices as Required
  • Hands-Off Tenant Removal

Tenant Management

Online Portal
  • Manage All Properties in One Place
  • Tenant Application Dashboard
  • Online Lease Application
  • Pre-Qualifications for Viewings

Automatic Rent Collection

  • Recurring Monthly Payments
  • Direct To Your Bank Account
  • Integrated with Canadian Banks

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